Online Poker A Gentleman's Approach

Poker Real Money So you think you just got access to an online poker room and that's it? We are here to tell you about the essential Online Casino Games and offline poker manners. Follow these guidelines; it is guaranteed that no matter how much you win or lose, your respect will be doubled up in no time.

It is all in the Hands!

NEVER ask your opponent about his or her current hand. This is going to pass on a bad impression to all the players if they are in the chat room and start chatting about it. You will get bad remarks, your rep will go negative and you won't be invited to any poker games online. Asking a poker player on Online Roulette about the Hand is just like asking them to help you cheat.

Stay In Limits;

We all know that you want to show everyone how good you are after winning. But don't go for handshakes after you have won the match against an opponent. Your opponent, after losing might not want to shake hands with you because of his/her huge loss. If you are in an online poker room, then don't try to be coy with the opponent who just lost a bet UNLESS and UNTIL- they approach you first in a friendly manner.

Save The Apologies;

After winning in Live Casino online or offline poker, don't say something like, Sorry man, but it was a good run tho. It will only send a negative message to them and also ask yourself, Why are you feeling sorry for winning their money? It was all because of your never-ending hard work and dedication at online poker.

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